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Teacher / Professor

To be considered for and to be successful in a teacher's role, individuals should possess a combination of the following competencies.

• In-depth knowledge of the subject they would be teaching
• Classroom management skills
• Curricular familiarity with the board of study they would be teaching in
• Personal Competencies

B.A. English Literature

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature is much sought after field among students in recent times. The significance of taking up B.A. in English Literature from TIPS College of Arts and Science is that it houses a diverse, vibrant and engaged faculty. Our teaching methodology, digital classrooms, library and service are centred on the study of English literature, humanity and culture, demonstrating how conscientious attention to textuality opens up readers to the large questions that face humankind. All unique collection of books at our library offers the most sensitive and humane opportunity to articulate those compelling questions.

Combining the experience and skills of academics and expert Professors The Department of English at TIPS College of Arts and Science develop fresh approaches to the teaching of Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, Leo Tolstoy, George Eliot and Dryden producing educational activities for the classroom, professional development workshops and the publication of research outputs on the theory and practice of pedagogy.

Our academics have a broad range of expertise traversing genres, authors and historical periods in English literature and language, as well as Indian, American, African and British literary theory and creative writing.

B.Sc Maths

The Department of Mathematics have highly qualified, dedicated and sincere faculty members. The department offers undergraduate course in Mathematics for the education and research in a wide spectrum of areas in Mathematics such as: Classical Algebra , Differential Equations and their applications, Analytical Geometry, Trigonometry , Vector Calculus Statistics, Operations Research, Mathematical Modelling etc. The Department of Mathematics offers courses for first and second year undergraduate students of branches like BBA, B.Com, B.Sc. Physics, B.Sc. Bio-Technology, Architecture and first year MBA students.

After completing their UG degree the students have two options: they can go for teacher track or they can do their PG degree and go for professor track. Students in teacher track are given training in teaching from first year onwards. In addition to their regular classes extra training will be provided in teaching. For the students who opted for Professor track extra coaching will be given in clearing their NET or SET Exam.

The faculties are actively engaged in research activities. Their expertise helps the students get knowledge exposure in research and industry. The department is committed to train the students to make them motivated and dedicated scholars.

B.Sc Physics

B.Sc. in Physics is a three-year undergraduate program comprising of theory and experimental courses mainly from Physics and few interdisciplinary courses from Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science. The program emphasizes on the fundamentals of Physics such as Classical Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, Thermodynamics in addition to covering topics on Quantum Mechanics.

The mission of the program is to lay a strong foundation in classical and modern physics. Through the course curriculum and the opportunities to conduct individual research the students get holistic all-round development. They will also gain expertise in lab work through ample practical sessions.

The undergraduate degree program paves a solid ground for students to further acquire mastery in Physics concentration areas. The program trains graduate to establish entry-level careers in the government and private sectors. This course is for individuals who are creative and wish to study and experiment new and established theories and possess quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills.

This course is also apt for students who are looking to cultivating their imagination in understanding scientific phenomena along with a comfort in basic mathematics and have a keen urge to discover new methodologies for the benefit of mankind.


B.Com or Bachelor of Commerce is a three-year undergraduate course offered by TIPS College of Arts and Science, a unit of The TIPSGLOBAL Institute affiliated to Bharathiar University. In the B.Com course, candidates are taught core subjects related to commerce and finance. The programme is usually spread over six semesters during which the student is taught topics like financial accounting, taxation, economics, company law, auditing, business management, etc.

Through this programme a student gains a comprehensive view of the functioning of an organization and also cultivates good communication skills.

B.Com graduates can prepare for competitive exams for appointment in Government sector. But those who wish to start working immediately after completing the B.Com course, can find various jobs at junior level in accounting, commerce, banking and finance and related fields. They can also seek jobs in public sector undertakings. After completing the degree, students can also pursue post-graduation in Commerce, Accounting and Finance for further specialization. Courses like M.Com, MBA, CA, CS etc. are good options for B.Com graduates.

B.Sc Bio-Technology

BSc Biotechnology is a three year undergraduate course offered by TIPS College of Arts and Science, an unit of The TIPSGLOBAL Institute, affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields requiring by-products.

The study module of biotechnology comprises genetics, cell biology, biomolecules plant and animal tissue culture, immunology, microbiology, chemistry and techniques .

The broad area of study involves research in biological systems and application of technology to create innovative products to advance life. The meticulously structured programme has a strong interdisciplinary research base in biological sciences and technologies which prepares the student for the industry as well as research programmes. Graduates in this discipline significantly contribute to research and development to improve people’s lives and health.