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Entrepreneurship & Health Care

tipsg TIPSGLOBAL's 5-year degree program in Entrepreneurship and Healthcare has been designed to develop the practical business skills and leadership expertise necessary for professionals to take an active role in Healthcare industry. It provides that balance of health care and management which will enable the graduates to thrive in this role. Through this program, students build a strong foundation in the business of Healthcare while gaining applicable knowledge to address complex challenges using a combination of real-world experience and critical thinking.

Built as a rigorous program, the curriculum followed is designed to teach students the basics of business management while challenging them to think strategically about the impacts of their decision as a healthcare entrepreneur, administrator or a manager. Along with challenging courses like Project Management Entrepreneurship, Accounting , Finance and Ethics, students are immersed in an intensive set of core health sciences management courses.

The Work-Study program in Entrepreneurship and Healthcare offers an unprecedented combination of finance knowledge and business acumen through the following combination of degrees.