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Welcome to The TIPSGLOBAL Institute

The TIPSGLOBAL Institute,
a unit of TIPS Group of Institutions, is emerging as a premier provider of higher education that offers several destination oriented degree programs which enable graduates to build careers in various domains that can be broadly classified into

1. Entrepreneurship
2. Teacher/Professor
3. Finance/Management
4. Architecture
5. Media

The institute follows a fifty-fifty policy, where the students acquire 50% knowledge practically through Experiential Learning Activities like workshops, guest lectures, field visits, DIY projects, leadership camps, Outbound Trainings Activities (at various sites in and around the state) and especially internships, all our students are placed in different companies of their choice, arranged by the institute, where they will be interning for a month during summer right from the 1st year onwards. This gives the students thorough firsthand knowledge in the field of their interest.

The fifty percentage is where the students get extensive theoretical knowledge by our eminent professors who strive to give world class knowledge to the students, who, the institute believes as the future leaders of the world. The professors follow MMDM- Multi-Modal Delivery Method in smart classrooms of international standards, where the way of knowledge transfer changes after every fifteen minutes of lecture, which enables even the most distracted student to concentrate and score high marks.

The TIPSGLOBAL Institute emphasizes the continuity of the learning process rather than isolating the final exam as the only tool of measuring one’s knowledge. Grading is done throughout the semester, ensuring students participation and involvement in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and re-animating the collaborative process of generating knowledge in the class room.

The vision is based around our three core goals, which are, path-breaking teaching and learning, world-class innovation & creativity and institutional social responsibility. Thus making The TIPSGLOBAL Institute a unique place which transforms young minds and enables them to be responsible leaders.